This page is obsolete and no longer maintained. The current ATLAS SUSY results are here.


ATLAS SUSY Working Group

The ATLAS Supersymmetry (SUSY) Working Group, a subgroup of the ATLAS Physics Group, is studying signatures for discovering SUSY with the ATLAS detector at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and methods for studying the properties of SUSY if it is discovered. The group has emphasised detailed studies of particular points in parameter space for the Minimal Supergravity (SUGRA) and Gauge Mediated SUSY Breaking (GMSB) models and for models with R-parity violation.

The regular meetings of the SUSY group are Wednesday 09:00-13:00 during ATLAS Weeks and Wednesday 14:00-18:00 during ATLAS Software Weeks.

The convenors are Shoji Asai and Dan Tovey. The Group Members are listed here.

The work of the group through May, 1999 is summarized in the Supersymmetry chapter of the ATLAS Physics Technical Design Report. It is available as a 2.6MB gzipped Postscript file for A4 paper and for US letter paper.

ATLAS Papers, Conference Talks, and Notes on SUSY are listed here. (Maybe `Observation of...' some day.)

Some general SUSY References are collected here. This list is by no means inclusive; it is intended to provide a place to start if you are interested in working on SUSY.

Some possible future topics are collected here. Many of these would be suitable topics for theses.

Full GEANT-based simulation and reconstruction of SUSY events in DC1 is described here.

SUSY studies in DC2 are described here.

Preparations for the Rome Physics Workshop are described here.